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kuiamalynne wrote in asancentralohio
ASAN-Central Ohio/Ohio State held its first meeting on Thursday, April 30, 2009 at the campus Barnes & Noble on High St. in Columbus. We want to take advantage of the communication affordances of net technologies, hence this LJ community! We want to use this space to brainstorm, share ideas, negotiate meeting times, work out the details of events, and just plain rant and support one  another.

Please comment on this entry and introduce yourself.  :)

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I'll get this started! My name is Melanie. I, along with Benzion Chinn, am one of the co-chairs for ASAN-Central Ohio/Ohio State. I'm working on my PhD in English/Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy at Ohio State.

I've been using LJ for five years, though I don't really update my blog here anymore. (I mostly use my account to read others' blogs.) I now blog on my own web space, called aspie rhetor.

Finally, my user name. I'm obsessed with a band called the Electric Light Orchestra, or ELO. Have been since I was eight years old. (Call it one of my "special interests," if you will.) Kuiama = an ELO song, Lynne = the last name of the lead singer/songrwriter, Jeff Lynne.

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